The evaluation of head trauma in accordance with epileptic seizures requires extensive studying and examination. A patient of Dr. Katherine Standley’s showed signs of seizures since 2005, with multiple head traumas and long underlying psychiatric disturbances. A routine awake and drowsy EEG was performed, but with normal results.

A 72 hour EEG video was conducted, which is described as “an abnormal ambulatory EEG with video.” While this only lasted for 48 hours instead of 72, the patient showed seventeen push button events.

Psychogenic_Seizures_in_the_Epileptic_Patient.pngFind out the rest in our free case study, such as:

  • An extensive medical history of the patient
  • Whether the events were psychogenic or epileptic in origin
  • Why regular routine EEG didn’t work standalone
  • How the treatment was adjusted based on the ambulatory EEG results

This case study from RSC is available for you to download now. See how the diagnosis was fully clarified for a patient with long-standing seizures and migraines, and how in-home ambulatory EEG can similarly help your patients today!