Our case study with Dr. Katherine Standley demonstrates a patient with a mixture of symptoms and extended events that lasted from 5-7 hours to 3 days. While the patient’s symptoms had “unclear etiology,” her prescribed anti-epileptic medications and beta blockers did not deter her recurrent events from happening.

A 72 hour video EEG helped draw the distinction regarding these events. This combination of the video, EEG, and EKG made it possible to address the nature of the multiple pre-syncopal episodes.

Pre-Syncope_vs_Seizure_in_a_Patient_Standley.pngIn this comprehensive and free case study, you will learn:

  • The challenges and methods behind the case study
  • Visual monitoring of the patient during multiple events
  • Cardiac origin of the patient's pre-syncope versus partial seizure

See how Dr. Standley was able to evaluate the multitude of resources in order to conclude with the proper treatment of the disorder.

Download our case study by filling out the form on this page, and see how RSC’s AEEG options can augment your diagnostic yield for improved patient outcomes!