Many types of seizures are unfortunately misdiagnosed as psychogenic attacks according to board-certified Neurologist David Sinclair, M.D. Frontal lobe seizures in particular are the second most common location for seizure onset, second only to smaller temporal lobes as an onset location in the brain.

Our case study shows how a 72 hour in-home ambulatory video EEG depicted the signs and descriptions of the patient’s spell and allowed an accurate diagnosis to stop her seizures. This was unable to be detected with a routine outpatient EEG due to its “insufficient duration.”

Making_the_Diagnosis_in_Frontal_Supplementary_Sinclair.jpgIn this free case study, you will also learn:

  • The comparison of patient’s spells before and after the case study
  • How in-home ambulatory video EEG is a game-changer for patients with frontal supplementary motor seizures
  • What the video showed that led to an accurate diagnosis

Dr. Sinclair outlines the framework of frontal lobe seizures and how their “unique diagnostic dilemma” requires special attention and monitoring. Thanks to the advanced technology of RSC Diagnostic Services, there are leaps and bounds for patients riddled with spells with no answers.

Be the catalyst that provides those answers—find out how by downloading our case study today, and find out the difference RSC can deliver for your patients!