The National Sleep Foundation tells us that approximately 10% of Americans are affected by parasomnias, or abnormal and unusual behavior during sleep. Some that are plagued by parasomnias don’t even realize they have a sleeping disorder.

In-Home_EEG_Helps_Diagnose_Sleep_Related_Disorders_Pearson.pngIn our complimentary case study, we will show you:

  • How a normal sleep architecture is organized
  • The most common disorders for non-REM sleep and REM sleep parasomnias
  • A comparison of EEG and MRI testing to ambulatory video EEG (AEEG with video)
  • Why AEEG results helped the patient become event-free afterwards

Oftentimes, in a routine EEG, some spikes and abnormal patterns “would have gone unnoticed” due to their infrequent nature. But with the 72-hour in-home AEEG, Thomas O. Pearson, M.D. was able to detect a myriad of discharges and elicit a proper diagnosis with the utmost confidence.

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